JJAIG Services

JJAIG provides access to private capital and management for major development projects around the world. Our portfolio of projects include agri-business, healthcare, hospitality/tourism, manufacturing, energy, international trade, to name but a few.

As a private capital firm, we are able to review each project on its merits, and make funding decisions based upon the applicant’s potential for success rather than strict lending formulas determined by regulatory agencies. As a private investment company and developer, we select projects for development that are innovative, unique and with enormous potential for success.

International Loans

JJAIG provides access to debt financing for projects originating and operating anywhere in the world. Our areas of focus include tourism development, agri-business, manufacturing, energy and mining.

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Equity Investments

JJAIG will often initiate projects into which it invests capital, but can also provide access to investment capital into high return projects presented to us that are innovative and unique.

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