Equity Investments

JJAIG is extremely selective regarding the projects in which it chooses to place investments. Globally, we have chosen tourism development projects, including resorts and attractions, which have the potential to become world-class destinations and will be branded as companion resorts in an exclusive VIP membership program.

We have also chosen disruptive technologies and enterprises that have the potential to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of people. Innovative health care, food production projects, potable water delivery systems, and similar projects are underway.

Economic development projects, which create new jobs and business opportunities, as well as deliver needed resources to the global business community, are key investment areas for JJAIG.

Here are some of JJAIG's key investment parameters.

  • Control or significant minority ownership interest
  • Investment size of $2 million and up
  • Flexible capital structure: preferred stock or structured equity
  • Product sales or service that generate recurring revenue streams and/or possess a long customer life cycle
  • Management team with extensive industry expertise
  • Company must be within 12 months of profitability with annual growth rate above 15%

In addition to financial resources, we provide our portfolio companies with strategic and operational guidance to help them achieve their growth and profitability objectives.

Business ventures seeking equity investments should complete the Funding Inquiry Form, and send the form, together with an Executive Summary of the business plan, to info@jjaig.com.