JJAIG Associates

Our clients will have their first interaction with JJAIG through one of our Associates, who not only can assist them through the funding application process, but can provide advice and guidance for their business. Our Associates are carefully selected for their expertise and experience, and their commitment to serving the needs of our clients.

Attention: Associates representing JJ Atlantic Investment Group do not charge an upfront fee for assisting you with your loan application. If anyone asks you for a fee to help you with your loan application, they are NOT authorized Associates of JJAIG. Please refer to the Authorized Associates listed below or contact info@jjaig.com.

Liyan Wang - Associate for China Region
Phone:+86 133-51986657 (China)
Jenny Qiao - Associate for China Region
Phone:+1 904-329-7230 (US)
+86 186-80400800 (China)
Florice Gregory - Associate for Caribbean Region
Phone:+1 561-212-1758
Jacques Rollan - Associate
Phone:+1 917-825-1900
Michelle Jaro Isla - Associate for Philippines Region
Phone:+63 93-577-2138 (Philippines)
  • To initiate the application process, contact the Associate from your Region or Country.
  • Due to the rapid expansion of our Global Network, not all of our Associates may be listed, so contact us at info@jjaig.com for the Associate in your area.
  • All JJAIG Associates will have an official @jjaig.com email address. If you have questions about an Associate, contact us at info@jjaig.com.
  • JJAIG is not responsible for claims or information provided by unauthorized persons.